New Coordinator Challenges

By Sarah Bobart posted 20-05-2022 07:36


I have started working on an online induction package for new coordinators in FDC.  This is a package that I have been procrastinating on because we already complete a face to face one and mostly because it is so difficult to completely define a coordinators role – particularly when every service has its own little intricacies.  So, I started off thinking about my beginnings in family day care (feels like forever ago) and those little things that gave me some ‘ah-ha!’ moments as well as those things that I wish I had known.  It became bigger than Ben Hur so I then had to edit to find out what was me or service specific and what was likely to be experienced across the board for new coordinators.  Luckily for me, I have also been involved in mentoring new coordinators so could compare their experiences with mine to narrow it down further. 

I have found these common hurdles so far, but I am sure that there are many others:

  • Challenging conversations
  • Programming and planning
  • Balancing support with compliance
  • Communicating effectively
  • Building relationships
I know that there all of you will have different priorities about what a new coordinator needs so feel free to drop your suggestions into the



14 days ago

Hey Sue, 
We are currently in the process of reviewing this training but we do hope to run another one later in the year :)

17 days ago

Hi Sarah 

I was wondering if FDC was goiung to run another coordinator course for new coordinators ??  
There is one being offered at Shailor Park with another organisation but prefernce would be with FDCAQ. Thanks Sue