Talk the Talk

By Sarah Bobart posted 27-04-2022 07:09

At the most recent Educational Leaders meeting, we talked about ways that we currently help those that can’t ‘talk the talk’ in Early Childhood.  My aim of this session was for participants to share the little things that they already do to help educators be more able to verbalise the importance of their practices.
There were some great examples of overcoming the issues surrounding this provided by participants.  Reflecting on how we lead by example and the language that we use personally, helps us open up new ways of thinking about situations, being able to see the difference between ‘being difficult’ and ‘being stuck’.

I am well aware (and quite open about the fact) that my brain functions in a weird and wonderful way that is most often not where others go.  The fact that I am aware of this has led me to develop a particular understanding of miscommunication (it happens to me all the time) and the required skills to ensure that these miscommunications do not happen.  On the positive side, I regularly think ‘outside the box’ which allows me to find weird and wonderful solutions to many issues.

So tell me…what is the stand out thing for you, that has in some ways, helped your colleagues talk the talk, be more professional and value their work?  Let me know in the