By Sarah Bobart posted 07-04-2022 07:39


Yesterday I got an email that shared that the 2021 AEDC report was available so the first thing I did was go and find it.  There were a few things that I found interesting (particularly when skim reading to find the interesting parts first).

This paragraph stood out…

‘The language and cognitive skills (school-based) domain has experienced the greatest gains over the history of the AEDC, mostly between 2009-2012.’

Sounds great right but if you continue reading….

‘These gains did not continue for this collection, with vulnerability increasing by 0.7 percentage points …’

It was that timely reminder to read things carefully and not jump to conclusions without all the information.  So I'm putting that aside until I have time to read it thoroughly not just skim the ‘important parts’.

So then I started thinking about how services might use the information in this report to improve the outcomes for children in their care.  I would really love feedback on how this happens in individual services because the findings are so varied.  Do you simply use the information in the report or do you use the online tool to narrow the data down to your individual communities?  What if your community size is too small to have the results shown (as is the school community I work in)?  Do you use your own anecdotal evidence to contextualise the data?

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