By Sarah Bobart posted 01-04-2022 08:54

For one whose brain never stops on a normal day, I have a distinct lack of inspiration for this weeks blog.  I have started and erased it about 10 times already because despite writing the words, I did not feel inspired by them myself so why would anyone else be?  Eventually, after many stops and starts, I landed on the idea of inspiration…where does it come from, how are we inspired?
I know that for me, I often go round and round in circles trying to get whatever thought it is to make some kind of sense before having an uh huh moment and having it all fall in place (usually in the wee hours of the morning!).  Sometimes it is instantaneous and sometimes it’s a slow boil.

Different things inspire me at different times depending on where I am currently on my life journey.  As a young adult, I wanted to change the world in big ways.  Now I just want to change the world, one person at a time, beginning close to home.  I’m sure that many of you are the same. 

So tell me….who or what is your current inspiration?  For me it is my adult children – watching them mature into themselves and discover their passions and inspirations. 

And go!